Your .bit,
your self-sovereign
data container.

Take your data sovereignty back by putting any type of your data into your .bit.

Manage Your Self-sovereign DataView example

Web3 is coming. Take your data sovereignty back and integrate your distributed data now. .bit account is such an inclusive data container that you can put any type of data into it. Tons of Web3 apps will provide service for you after indexing relevant data stored in your .bit account.


Blockchain Addresses

Store your blockchain addresses in your .bit account and start to transfer tokens with .bit in leading wallets. Never copy and paste addresses again!

Platforms displaying NFT will index addresses in your .bit account and show your NFTs in different chains.

Similarly, .bit makes it easy for DeFi platforms to show all of your on-chain assets.


Profile Informations

Store your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook or Discord in your .bit account, then profile apps can generate a decentralized homepage of social accounts for you.

Unlike link.tree, a well-known centralized app that gathers and displays your profiles, your data is under your control all the time. You can always switch to another profile app if certain one is not available.


DWeb Reources

Store your IPFS links in your .bit account, and people can have a direct access to your decentralized apps/websites through apps such as


Any Type Of Data

Store your PGP public key in your .bit account, so your contacts can always get your newest public key through your .bit.

Store a Magnet URL scheme in your .bit account, so your friends can download the file through your .bit.

Store a smart contract address in your .bit account, so users can verify if they are interacting with the right contract.

Store the MD5 of the software you developed in your .bit account, so users can verify if they have downloaded the right software.

Store your personal introduction in your .bit account, so others can get to know you quickly.

You can always use .bit as a safe and self-sovereign information-publishing tool.

For Web3 Residents

It's time to take your data sovereignty back. All you need is a .bit account.

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For Web3 Buidlers

It's time to hug the future. Start to build applications based on the self-sovereign data container.