.bit Alias

Assign your data a globally-unique alias.

.bit as a self-sovereign data container

Put multiple data together and use .bit to index them. One piece of data can be stored in more than one .bit.

.bit Alias

Assign a .bit for a piece of data as its alias. One piece of data can only have one alias.

.bit Alias makes Web3 more secure and friendly


Avoid transferring assets to the wrong address.

When you transfer assets to an address in wallets/exchanges that have integrated .bit Alias, you can see the .bit Alias of that address, and verify if the address is the correct one.

When you make a large-amount transfer, wallets/exchanges only display part of the .bit Alias of the address. You need to complete the .bit Alias to continue with the transfer.


Avoid interacting with the wrong contract.

When you send a transaction to a smart contract with wallets that have integrated .bit Alias, you can easily verify if the .bit Alias shown in the wallet matches the one published in the project's official website.

In Q2 2022, you can set a .bit Alias for smart contracts addresses on the following public chains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon.


Present a human-readable username in DApps.

When you use DApps that have integrated with .bit Alias, your .bit account is displayed wherever your DApps currently display addresses.

.bit Alias is powerful and secure.

Broad compatibility

The leading architecture of .bit makes it possible for you to set .bit Alias for the following data:
1. Normal addresses of any public chain;
2. Contract addresses of EVM compatible chain;
3. Public keys of any asymmetric cryptography system.


When you set a .bit Alias for normal addresses/public keys/contract addresses, you have to provide the corresponding private key. This means the only person who can set a .bit Alias for the data is the person who owns the data.

For Web3 Residents

Set a .bit Alias for your addresses now and start to enjoy a friendly and secure Web3 world.

Set Up

For Web3 Buidlers

It's time to integrate .bit Alias to your product to make it more secure and user-friendly. It's only a few lines of code away.