Sub-accounts have two forms, and they are essentially the same account.

# Format
Dot Format

Built for All Groups

.bit SubDIDs empower various Web2 and Web3 organizations.


Different voting weights can be assigned to different SubDIDs.

Exclusive identity credentials

If you want to distinguish a member in your DAO, just give him a unique SubDID. SubDIDs of DAO will serve as the member's identity and exclusive credentials.

Organizational identity

A .bit SubDID with DAO’s brand gives members a stronger sense of identity in the organization. Members with .bit SubDIDs can also help to promote DAO’s brand in whole Web3 ecosystem.

Sense of belonging

SubDIDs reinforce each member's sense of belonging to the community.

Fine-tuned operations

For communities, giving SubDIDs to active members can be an effective way of showing recognition. You can even deny users who do not hold  specific SubDIDs from joining the conversation via bot.

Event commemorations/proof of attendance

Every event in your community is worth commemorating.  .bit SubDIDs can be minted without permission, and with its useful features, it's a better proof of attendance or participation. Who wouldn't want to have a “name.olympic2024.bit” after the Olympics?

DID consistent with PFP number

The NFT creators can mint .bit SubDIDs for the NFT holders with the same number of their NFT, e.g. mint "2077.punk.bit" for the holder of Punk #2077. The holder can use 2077.punk.bit as the crypto receiving address.

Personalised expressions

PFP+DID allows personalised expressions for Web3 users. Besides, it’s a SubDID corresponding to the PFP.

Express love and appreciation

Mint .bit SubDIDs to your most loyal fans. In the physical world, the previous generation collected signed photos or posters of celebrities; while the new generation lives in a digital world where they collect .bit SubDIDs minted by celebrities. Your most loyal fans will use your SubDIDs as a social network nickname to prove their affection and will also bring you new fans.

Special e-tickets

The SubDID can be used as an electronic ticket for offline concerts, meetings, parties, etc. Of course, it is collectible.

An account is just like a working email

Companies can mint a SubDID for each employee, just like a working email. What's even cooler is that the SubDID is the employee's company identity as well as a cryptocurrency receiving account. Therefore, .bit SubDIDs are perfect for Web3 teams.

Paying employees via SubDIDs

If you are a company or team that uses cryptocurrency to pay employees, minting .bit SubDIDs for your employees will allow you to pay them in cryptocurrency through their .bit SubDIDs instead of those long unreadable string of addresses. For example:

A prestigious brand identity

When Lily owns lily.hermès.bit, it means that Lily is the most privileged guest of hermès. It enhances the brand identity.

Membership system

A SubDID can be used as an exclusive identity for customers, and a solid membership system can be established through SubDIDs.

Customer relationship maintenance

Give your most valued customers a .bit SubDID, which contains both your brand and their personalised information, such as their birthdays or names. Is there a better way to strengthen the bond between you and your customers than this?

Membership system for Web3 applications

Operation teams of Web3 products can build a bridge between a product and its users by giving them a unique identity with .bit SubDIDs.

Proof of entitlement

When you plan to offer users airdrops or certain rewards, you can directly obtain a whitelist containing users who have a SubDID of the organization.

Full functions

SubDIDs have totally the same functions as ordinary .bit accounts. Where you can use .bit accounts, you can use .bit SubDIDs.

Low cost

The cost of minting SubDIDs is almost negligible. The payment is charged only to prevent over-issuing.


Every .bit account can issue their own SubDIDs without permission and number limitation.

Easy to issue

Main-accounts can either choose to issue free SubDIDs through SubDID manage tool provided by .bit, or choose to issue charged SubDIDs through third-party registrars.

Independent from the main-account

A SubDID is a whole new data container that has its own owner/manager. A main-account can only issue SubDIDs, but it can neither recall them nor conduct data roll-back.

Price set by the main-account

If you choose to issue charged SubDIDs, the pricing is totally up to you, and you can get all the profit.